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San Juan

San Juan is the easiest windsurfing spot to access and enjoy. Here is our review of the top 6 location for windsports in San Juan.

Balneario de Carolina

A sailing school called “Escuela Deportivo de Vela” is in the “Balneario de Carolina” state park. You can rent Hobie cats or schedule a windsurfing class at this location. Beginners will enjoy the flat, calm water, although it is probably not the windiest location. Expert sailors can try sailing to the weather buoy or a large wave break, both of which are a few kilometers off the coast. The wave break is called “Caballos”. Water surges from hundreds of feet and collides with a reef submerged 20 – 50 feet underwater. The wave curls in an unusual horseshoe shape, giving the wave its local name, “Caballos” (horse).

Puntas Las Marias

Puntas Las Marias is a favorite location for windsports enthusiasts. Windsurfers can sail for about a kilometer in relatively flat water. There is a reef far from shore with excellent waves for more experienced sailors. The beach also features a long boardwalk and park. It’s very sociable, with close access to windsurf rentals, restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores. We’re located in this location.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is another lively and social beach for windsports in San Juan. Their is a small hotel called Numero Uno Guest House. Here many of the kiters and wing foilers like to congregate. It has a long sandy beach making it easier for kitesurfing than some of the other beaches in San Juan.

Escambron Beach

Escambron Beach is a municipal park. You will find ample parking, lifeguards, bathrooms, and even a restaurant within the park. There is a popular surf location called “La 8”. There is a little island in the middle of this beach. Currents wrap around the island to form the break. There are some shallow areas with reef. You defintely want to stay upwind in this location, as downwind there are dangerous rocks and coastline. Escambron beach is best left to the surfers, but on select days it can be great for wind sports.

Club Nautico

There is a marina and yacht club called Club Nautico. Inside of club nautico there are sailing lessons, and watersports rentals. The local watersport concession rents jet skis and paddleboards. They frequently host children sailing tournaments and camps in the Optimist and Sailfish classifications.

San Juan Bay

Wind enters the San Juan bay, forming a great learning place. The bay is calmer than the ocean, but it is a shipping corridor. Windsurfing with cruise ships and barges can, at times, be unnerving. There is a small wingfoiling school called Seakindly located on the “Bahia Urbana” boardwalk.

Laguna de Condado

Beginner windsurfers can practice in the Laguna de Condado. Choose this location when the wind blows strong from the east. Windsurfers will enjoy the calm waters and colorful skyline. Wind can be tricky in certain locations as skyscrapers can block the wind from flowing consistently.

Favored Conditions: East Wind

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is parking available?

Parking in San Juan can be tricky. If you’re visiting one of the city parks like the “Balneario de Carolina” or “Escambron Beach” there is a small fee. Parking in Puntas Las Marias and Ocean Park is free but on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you’re visiting a location on the bay such as Club Nautico or Old San Juan, then there will most likely be a parking fee. However, if you schedule a class with Seakindly, they may be able to arrange complimentary parking for you.

Are there dangerous rocks and coral?

Yes, there are quite a few rocks and coral on the beaches in San Juan. However, it’s not as bad as other parts of the island. Areas with a lot of foot traffic tend to be more sandy. A general rule of thumb is to assume there are sea urchins in all the rocks in Puerto Rico. These spiny creatures can leave thorns on your feet.

What sorts of animals can I see in San Juan?

Birdwatching is great in San Juan, which has a healthy population of pelicans, frigates, and parrots. The ocean is full of sea turtles, and you can occasionally see a manatee.

Are there any special points of interest?

Sailing is the best way to see San Juan. You don’t have to sail far from the coastline to be able to enjoy the skyline. It’s common to see El Yunque Mountain from the east and San Geronimo Fort to the west. The sky really opens up with beautiful 360-degree views.

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