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Salinas is located on the southern coast of Puerto Rico, and is one of the first towns after exiting the main highway which crosses the “Cordillera Mountain range”. Windsurfers enjoy this location, because the wind is strong, and the ocean is flat. This makes it an ideal location for intermediate windsurfers.

Salinas coastline is part of the Caribbean Sea. This means that you can expect moderate chop from ocean-like conditions. Still the location has mostly sandy bottom, and it’s pretty easy to navigate. This location is best for practicing slalom or freestyle.

From this spot, you can see the dry-side of the Cordillera Mountains. This makes for spectacular views. Plus, because this beach is part of the Caribbean Sea, expect clear turquoise waters, and undisturbed nature.

The windsurfing location in Salinas is pretty remote. There are no rentals, restaurants, or convenience stores in the windsurfing location. You will need to bring all of your supplies with you, and plan to take any trash with you as well.

Favored Conditions: East Wind

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking in Salinas?

Yes, there is plenty of free parking in Salinas

Are there dangerous rocks and coral?

The rocks and coral in this location are not very dangerous. However, we did get snagged by a large fishing hook. Caution would be advisable.

Is it safe from crime?

This location is very remote, so it’s rare to have other people around when you’re here. Still, it is wise to keep your car locked and valuables hidden away from your car for prolonged periods.

Are there beach facilities in this location?

There are no facilities of any kind in this location.

Are there any points of interest here?

The highlight here is the view of the mountains and the pristine environment. However, you could add a visit to the Coamo Hot Springs during your road trip. The hot springs are approximately 30 minutes from the town of Salinas, and are open until 9:00 PM.

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