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Cuidad “Ejemplar”

Dorado may have 11 miles of perfect golden sand beach, but hoteliers and real estate developers hold most of it hostage. While Puerto Rico boasts that all beaches are public, most people experience miles of gates when visiting Dorado. However, there is a local state park where you can still access part of this coastline.

Dorado Beach is located on the north coast of Puerto Rico, approximately 30 minutes from San Juan. The best way to access the beach is at the “Balneario de Dorado.” This public beach has parking and a large grass area to rig your sails. The park also has bathrooms, lifeguards, and bathing facilities. The beach park is open Wednesday through Sunday and closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Windsurfers that like sailing on small waves, can sail downwind to a shore break, aprx 1 kilometer from the launch location. If you pass the gazebo on the point, you have gone too far!

There are no windsurf rentals in Dorado. However, Goodwinds is a kite and wing school in the Ritz Carlton Reserve. This school is mostly for hotel guests and property residents. However, you can contact them to schedule classes or purchase equipment.

Favored Conditions: North – East Wind direction

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The launch point is the Balneario of Dorado, but the best sailing is about 1 km downwind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking in Dorado Beach?

There is parking available in the Balneario of Dorado. There is a fee of $4.00 per car, and $5.00 for SUV and minivans (plus tax).

Are there dangerous rocks and coral?

This beach has very fine sand, and the coastline is safe. You can easily walk in and out of the water without worrying about rocks and coral. There are rocks on the wave break, and the rocks become quite shallow towards the gazebo. However, overall, it is a pretty easy beach to navigate.

What sorts of animals are at Dorado Beach?

Dorado’s nice sandy beach is home to small hermit and ghost crabs. Bird watchers will enjoy this part of the island. People can enjoy fishing and lobster diving further off the coast.

Are there any special points of interest?

There is a restaurant called Barlovento in the Ritz Carlton Reserve. It’s a nice place to rest between windsurfing sessions. Pack a credit card in your bathing suit (its not cheap). The view and music are nice, and you can really enjoy the day from this location.

Photos of Dorado Beach

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