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Find out the Top Places to Windsurf in Puerto Rico!


Voted as having some of the best beaches in the world, Culebra is the perfect vacation destination. The location has sugar white sand, transparent water, and low development. Beginner windsurf classes are given in a protected bay, making learning a breeze.

Favored Conditions: East Wind


Luquillo Beach is a wonderful tourist destination. The beach is at the foothills of El Yunque National Rainforest. Views from the beach are everything you would expect from tropical paradise. However, much of the beach is very shallow, with extensive barrier reef, and protected bays. This community has developed a love for long-distance windsurfing on Mistral and One-Design boards. Experience the open ocean, and gorgeous coastline if exploration is your goal.

Favored Conditions: East Wind

Rio Grande

Rio Grande has a community of windsurfers who frequent Las Picuas. This rough location has a number of rocks, and shipwrecks. For whatever reason, many windsurfers frequent the location, most likely for the famous trade winds that grace the north-coast of Puerto Rico, and privacy of the area.

Favored Conditions: East Wind

San Juan

San Juan is the easiest windsurfing spot to access and enjoy. The best windsurfing spots in the city are located between 1 – 3 miles from the International Airport. The windsurf community congregates on the beaches of Ocean Park. This sailing location has relatively flat water, and a barrier reef about a kilometer from the shore. Slalom riders and wave riders alike will enjoy windsurfing location. Classes and rentals are easily obtained.

Favored Conditions: East Wind


Dorado Beach is a gorgeous golden sand location with sandy bottom, and waves close to shore. Most of Dorado Beach has been privatized by Ex-pats, however there still exists a public beach park just east of the Ritz Carlton Reserve. You can also rent gear and take classes at the resort’s watersports concessionaire.

Favored Conditions: East Wind

Vega Baja

The beaches in Vega Baja are gorgeous and still mostly undeveloped. The most popular windsurfing location is a beach locals call Mauizapa. The wave is close to the shore, and the wind conditions are very consistent. There are a few small islands creating a barrier to the beach. During the full moon expect a swell to form. The location is for intermediate to advanced windsurfers.

Favored Conditions: East Wind


For the true wave sailor, Aguadilla has a lot to offer. The most popular locations are Surfer’s Beach and Shack’s Beach. Surfer’s beach has incredible scenery, with a large peak close to the beach. Heavy current, and rocky shoreline makes this a location best for advanced windsurfers. Shack’s beach is world renown for windsports. The wind and waves are consistent in this location. The topography below the water includes large protruding reef, and underwater cave systems. This location is also for expert riders.

Favored Conditions: North Wind


Guanica is an incredible learning and vacationing location on the south side of Puerto Rico. This part of the island stays pretty dry. You can expect long sunny warm days. The rocky coast of Guanica descends into a bays wit sand and seagrass beaches. Here you can sail to nearby cays and experience nature away from the throngs of tourists in other parts of the island.

Favored Conditions: East Wind


Salinas is the favored location on the south-side of the island. Wind can get pretty powerful, and the location has mostly sandy bottom. It’s easy to navigate, although you will need a car to get there. The southside of Puerto Rico is much drier than the northcoast. This is due to the large mountain range in the center of the Island. Expect spectacular views of the mountains, colorful dry landscape, and turquoise waters. It’s a location, off the beaten tourist track that windsurfers will love.

Favored Conditions: East Wind


Jauco beach is another windsurf and kitesurf destination located on the south of the island. This destination is perfect for learning windsurfing. The beach has a sandy shallow bottom with nothing to fear. People who are learning windsurfing will feel comfortable, as the average depth is about 3 feet. A little ripple of wave rolls close to shore, which is fun to sail. On storm days, a swell can make the destination extra interesting.

Favored Conditions: South Wind

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