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Wind Warriors I

8 years had passed since the ISAF World Cup of Sailing took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This international sailing event brought world-class sailors to enjoy a favored wind destination. However, in recent years windsurfing had been reduced to a small group of people. Many had been lured away by kite, and paddleboard.

   In October of 2018, the Federación of Windsurf was reinstated, and we announced the ‘’Wind Warriors Tournament’’ which caused a huge buzz in the community. People all over the island starting practicing for the event. Practice heats with Olympic sailors and watermen veterans started popping up in anticipation. Some of the younger sailors had never had the opportunity to compete in a windsurfing. Banter about who would be named the best took over the social networks.

Everyone started intensely practicing. Gear was broken, and needed to be purchased. Others athletes purchased gear to gain a new edge and enhance their rig. Distributors on the island equipped wind warriors in what was sure to be memorable. 

The event was held on April 6, 2019. The day the tournament committee selected could not have been better. Powerful wind, and 5-7 foot waves made the wait worth-while. The event took place on the west coast of Puerto Rico. 16 competitors harnessed their adrenaline for 15 minute heats. The athletes ripped waves with jumps, forward loops, back loops, cheese rolls, takas, and massive aerials. Expert tacks, and big sprays made up the competition. It did not disappoint. After the first round of the tournament, the athletes were in close contention. An “expression-round’’ was permitted by the judges. Photographers snapped away. Spectators jumped with excitement. The judges watched for technical wave sailing. The semi-finals were equally exciting. Waves came in long rolling sets. Competitors were challenged to get 3 bottom turns for maximum points. In the end four friends, battled it out for first place. There were 8 heats in total. It was a day of great friends, and spectacular show of talent. Since the first tournament, we have produced a video, and the Official “Commemorative Book”. The FWPR is a non-profit sports club dedicated to friendship, travel, healthy outdoor lifestyles, and youth development in Puerto Rico. We promote friendship through sport.

Niko Spassov slices a wave. 2019

Video from Wind Warriors 1

Proud Brand Ambassador for North Windsurfing

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