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4th Edition of Wind Warriors Tournament in Aguadilla

“Wind Warriors IV Puerto Rico” Celebrates the National Championship Event 2/25 – 26/2023.


The “Federación de Windsurfing de Puerto Rico” is a local sports club dedicated to friendship and healthy lifestyles through the practice of watersports.  The FWPR was founded in 1981 and facilitates people of all ages learning, competing, and socializing with wind sports. 

The International Windsurfing Tour (IWT) is an international organization which organizes wave riding events across the globe.  They seek out the best locations, with the best wave riding conditions on earth for the best quality wave riding competitions.  Our ultimate purpose is to DISCOVER, SUPPORT, CHALLENGE and CROWN the world’s best wave riders.

  • SATURDAY, FEB 25, 2023 – Windsurf Event (Surfers Beach)
  • SUNDAY, FEB 26, 2023 – Wingfoil Event (Shacks Beach)
  • Location: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
  • IWT Wave Tour Points: National Title Event
  • (3) Divisions: Windsurf Pro Men, Windsurf OPEN for all non-pro riders, Wing Foil – Open

What Happened

35 athletes gathered in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico for the 4th edition of “Wind Warriors” Wave Sailing Tournament.  It was the first time that Puerto Rico was recognized as a destination on the windsurfing wave sailing pro-tour. 

The stakes we’re high to produce an incredible event.  The mayor of Aguadilla, the Aguadilla Office of Culture and Economic Development, and Discover Puerto Rico assisted in to make the event a success.

The importance of this National Title Championship is that it incentivizes international athletes to travel to Puerto Rico to earn points on the pro-circuit.  It also uncovers local talent, and encourages them to compete in international events.  The best athletes are extended invitation to prestigious events such as tournaments in Pacasmayo, Peru, Cloud Break, Fiji, and even the grand finale in Maui, Hawaii.

First Place

First place in Windsurfing was awarded to Charlie Rovira from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.  Charlie Rovira is an accomplished athlete who has won first place in international windsurf competitions in Hawaii and Baja California. 

He was on hiatus from windsurfing, pursuing kitesurfing.  Charlie Rovira returned to windsurfing after the second Wind Warriors Tournament.  Since returning to windsurfing, Charlie has won first place in both 2022, and 2023. 

He hopes to continue on the professional circuit, and participate in another Pro Windsurfing Association Sanctioned events on the IWT tour. Charlie is a certified Boat Captain, and has a long-time board repair business. 

Second Place

Second place was awarded to Jean Séb Lavocat, a pro-windsurfer from St. Martin.  Jean Séb Lavocat put on an exceptional demonstration, with high flying jumps and tricks, and stylish wave riding.  Jean Séb carved the waves, and dazzled the crowd with advanced maneuvers that no other athletes completed.

Thirds Place Tie Break

When it came to third place, athletes Felix Bermudez and Quique Figueroa we’re tied.  The judges proceeded to the standard tie-breaking procedure of evaluating the top individual wave score, and the athletes remained tied with a top score of 15.  The judges reviewed the second highest score on a wave, which was 8, and the athletes remained tied.

Nelson Perez, event organizer looked for a fourth resolution to break the tie.  He settled on best overall tournament score. He conferred with the tournament committee, and they agreed to proceed forward.  The scores we’re carefully calculated, knowing that any error at this point would degrade the integrity of the contest.  The tournament committee reviewed the overall best score between Quique Figueroa and Felix Bermudez, and found that Felix Bermudez had in fact won 3rd place in the contest.

Because the athletes we’re so close, having been tied on 3 tie-breaking criteria, it became a hotly debated contest.  Many reviewed the rules, and shared their interpretation of how the rules and scores should be calculated.  The tournament committee sent all of the score cards to the International Windsurfing Tour, and the decision was upheld.  Due to the highly contestable 3rd place, best overall score was a very credible criteria for breaking the tie.  Felix Bermudez, the popular windsurfer from Santa Isabel, was deemed the third-place winner.

Best Overall Tournament Score:

Felix Bermudez: 31.75 points

Quique Figueroa: 27.02 points

Fun Raffle Event

That Saturday evening all of the event participants and fans we’re invited to the Reef Restaurant for a Raffle Event.  Participants purchased $10.00 tickets, and over 100 prizes we’re given away.  Fans won incredible prizes such as:

  • Clothing apparel from Acquavento Watersports. 
  • Sport equipment from N1 Surf Shop
  • E-foil classes from Seakindly Foil School
  • Gift Certificates to Acai Express
  • Sport Supplements from Isagenix
  • Hotel Stay at Punta Boriquen Resort
  • High-end Sunglasses from Lip Sunglasses

“There we’re lots of laughs and great food.  It was a raffle event we hope to repeat” said Tournament Director, Irene Kravitz. 

 1st “Wind Warriors” Wave Wing Foil Event

The following day the first-ever wave sailing event in the class of Wingfoiling was held in Shacks Beach.  This new wind sport was introduced in Puerto Rico in 2020, and has been growing in popularity among the Puerto Rican sailing community.

The event was hosted by the Federación de Windsurfing de Puerto Rico and N1 Surf Shop.  Waves and wind conditions we’re challenging.  The forecast showed very light winds of 8 knots from the east, and weak waves of 2 to 3 feet.  Fans rallied and tuned in for a full day of competition. 

The competitors in the final heat included:

  • Rafke Sanchez, a 4-time first place wingfoiler in Puerto Rico. 
  • Dylan Shewfelt, owner of N1 Surf Shop in San Juan
  • Adrian Negron, a 13 year old surfing and wingfoiling athlete
  • Evan Netsch, a professional wingfoiler who had travelled to the event from North Carolina,

All of the athletes put on a great show, gliding to the waves crest, carving the cascading water, trick-flipping the sail in challenging positions, and transitioning with graceful expertise. 

The final conclusion, Rafke Sanchez won 1th first place, (for the 4th consecutive win in wingfoiling in Puerto Rico) becoming the undisputed champion.  Dylan Shewfelt won 2nd place.  In a surprise twist, 13-year-old Adrian Negron won third place. It was a great day of sunshine, sailings, friends, and competition.  After the award ceremony, participants approached the event organizer, and asked that this not be the last.

Special Thanks to our Volunteers!

Here it is… Your Moment of Zen

Felix Bermudez catches a wave in Wind Warriors IV

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