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Jose Castor Reports live from the DEFI, France

The 22nd Edition of the DEFI Races is being dubbed the biggest windsport event in the world. Over 2,000 people traveled to Gruissan Plage for the 9-day festival on the coast of France.

We got the insider report from Jose Castor. He’s been traveling to the DEFI for years, and he fills us in on why it’s an absolute must-experience.

Want to go to the DEFI?

“Start planning at least 6 monthes in advance.”

Challenge yourself to be in the best physical condition. Afterall, you’ll want to be in good shape to compete in the 40 km races in 30 – 40 knot winds. The DEFI has races in windsurfing, wingfoiling, and kitesurfing classifications. The races are held annually in May.

“Keep in mind hotels fill up quickly, and the event sells out.”

During JC’s trip, he booked with the DEFI Experience. They helped him make his travel arrangements, handled the registration, and coordinated VIP clinics with the pros during the event. He recommends the clinics where you sail alongside a professional coach, who gives personalized tips to improve your sailing. He tells us it was a really cool experience.

Tips for Planning a Trip to the DEFI

  • Fly to Barcelona. Then drive aprx 2.5 hours to Gruissan Plage in France
  • Wetsuit (5.1+) and booties are recommended. Water temperature avg 61° F in May
  • Helmets and impact vest are obligated for racing
  • You will be required to carry 3 ft of rope, in case of emergency to anchor to safety buoys
  • You will need a letter of good health from the ISAF
  • While the race area is a safe sandy beach, expect choppy ocean conditions

“1,400 People Raced in the Windsurf Classficiation in 2024!”

J.C. says after 120 km of windsurfing, he fully enjoyed the food and entertainment around the event. There were lots of concerts, food trucks, and restaurants onsite. He also enjoyed seeing the latest trends in windsports, and meeting his favorite windsurf personalities.

He describes the DEFI like a pilgrimage for windsurfers, and highly recommends others to enjoy the experience.

Check out the Video

Want to Go?

Jose Castor suggests we organize a group trip. Should the F.W.P.R. go to the DEFI ?

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