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En Camino a las Olimpiadas

IQ Foil Arrives in Puerto Rico

The Comite Olimpico de Puerto Rico has expressed renewed interest in Windsurfing

Training the Next Generation

During 2021, the FWPR decided that our club wanted to better align ourselves with international sports organizations such as the Olympics and Pan-American Games. We believed that by better aligning ourselves with the emerging IQ Foil Olympic Class, we would be able to open doors for Puerto Ricans to travel and compete professionally.

We worked throughout 2021 writing proposals for a new Youth Development program. The Federacion de Vela took us under their wing. The deeper affiliation with the Federacion of Vela means, not only do athletes have a chance to compete in international events, but our sport will become more professional. The new IQ Foil Class will train official coaches and judges to become aligned with International windsurfing tournament standards. It was a huge accomplishment for the sport of Windsurfing in Puerto Rico. Kendra Deas Holmes will be leading this new initiative as the IQ Foil Class Director, and her daughter Kaelyn Holmes is already well on her way for the building the sports resume to represent Puerto Rico internationally.

Whats Next for the Sport

We’re working to pave the way for our athletes to compete in the Central American and Pan-American games. We’re trying to expose more people to windsports, and get more kids excited about watersports in general. However at our core, we continue to instill the values of our sports club: Friendship and Unity. All of our members can benefit from the activities taking place in our sport (recreationally and professionally). We’re stronger when we focus on the positive, and not on actions that are divisive, hateful, or destructive. So as we cheer our youth on an international level of Windsurfing, join us in celebration, join us in friendship, and most of all join us on taking our awesome Caribbean windsurfing lifestyle INTERNATIONAL! We look forward to expanding this vision, and windsurfing more than ever!

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