2022 Speed Racer II

Speed Racer II Scoreboard Speedracer II took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Saturday, July 16, 2022. The event had 3 classifications of windsports for a total of 36 competitors. The weather was perfect with 18-20 knots on a flat ocean. Participants demonstrated their skills, and enjoyed the drama of action-packed competition. Check out the final results from the races below. Quieres saber cuando… Read More »2022 Speed Racer II

2022 Wind Warriors

On March 5, 2022 the Federación de Windsurf de Puerto Rico hosted the 3rd Annual Wind Warriors Tournament. The weather conditions were steady wind between 18-22 knots. Wave conditions were less desirable with 3-4 foot waves the day of the competition. This year we we’re sponsored by Gatorade and Pepsi. They provided ice cold beverages for all the participants during the event. They also gave… Read More »2022 Wind Warriors

2021 Wind Warriors II

Tournament Results The Wind Warriors event was a success with 18 competitors sailing wind and waves on Puerto Ricos beautiful coastline. 50 participants arrived for the activity which include a live broadcasted tournament, and 9-action pack heats of sailors competing for first prize. Results Wave Riding Competition Athlete Place Nelson Perez 1 Felix Bermudez 2 Phillip Newmarch 3 Charlie Rovira 4 Luis Santiago 5 Expression… Read More »2021 Wind Warriors II

2021 Speed racer

31 de julio de 2021 celebramos el primer evento de “Speed Racer” Los miembros de la Federacion de Windsurf fueron invitado a participar en la actividad “Speed Racer Windsurf Challenge” en la playa de Puntas Las Marias. En esta actividad participantes midieron su velocidad en windsurf, navigaron un curso y disfrutaron de carreras de slalom. La actividad fue muy divertida y emocionante! Atleta Carrera 1… Read More »2021 Speed racer

2021 Festival de Playa

Juntamos para un Evento Espectacular No hay nada más rico que practicar deportes de vela en las playas de Puerto Rico. Contamos con muchos días ventosos y los amantes de surf han evolucionado su deporte para provechar de las brisas atlánticas y caribeñas. Por las tardes, es muy común de ver velas coloradas en el horizonte boricua. Existen muchos deportes de viento incluyendo; windsurf, kitesurf, windfoil,… Read More »2021 Festival de Playa

The Butterfly Effect in Puerto Rico

The Butterfly Effect take place all over the world, and brings women and watersports together in a non-competitive event. The weekend included paddleboarding in the Espíritu Santo River, demonstrations of e-foil, windsurf, kitesurf, an incredible hula dance class, and a cocktail party by the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort’s Pool. It was an incredible event hosted by pro-windsurfers, Tatianna Howard and Albir Agresar.

En Camino a las Olimpiadas

IQ Foil Arrives in Puerto Rico The Comite Olimpico de Puerto Rico has expressed renewed interest in Windsurfing Training the Next Generation During 2021, the FWPR decided that our club wanted to better align ourselves with international sports organizations such as the Olympics and Pan-American Games. We believed that by better aligning ourselves with the emerging IQ Foil Olympic Class, we would be able to… Read More »En Camino a las Olimpiadas

En Camino a las olimpiadas

IQ Foil arrives in Puerto Rico Readymade godard brooklyn, kogi shoreditch hashtag hella shaman kitsch man bun pinterest flexitarian. Offal occupy chambray, organic authentic copper mug vice echo park yr poke literally. Ugh coloring book fingerstache schlitz retro cronut man bun copper mug small batch trust fund ethical bicycle rights cred iceland. Celiac schlitz la croix 3 wolf moon butcher. Knausgaard freegan wolf succulents, banh… Read More »En Camino a las olimpiadas