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Learn to windsurf in no time, with our introductory classes.

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We meet in a nice flat training ground in San Juanl. There your instructor will explain the basics of sailing, and balance. Learn to tack on the board, and improve your stance, and technique.

This class also includes free time practicing, with a life guard on duty. Enjoy the sites of San Juan from the water.

Highlights / Facts

  • Board/Sail Rental
  • Rigging Demonstration
  • Navegation Class
  • Balance & Transitions exercises
  • Sailing Basics
  • Lifeguard Certified Instructor
  • Free Practice Time
  • 2 hours sailing class
  • 1/2 day rental
  • Scenic Experience in Old San Juan
  • Ages 6+


1:00 PM Meet at the Bahia of San Juan

3:00 PM Windsurfing Class concludes, suggested break

5:00 PM 1/2 day rental concludes