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Adventure in Pacasmayo, Peru

In 2023, a delegation of FWPR windsurfers travelled to Pacasmayo, Peru to compete in the IWT Tournament. It was an unforgettable trip. Read more about what it’s like windsurfing in this part of the world.

August 2023 – It was an exciting day when the director of the International Windsurfing Tour asked if our local tournament wanted to be included in the new unified IWT/PWA world tour. However, what was even more exciting was when we finished our local tournament and realized that our winning athletes had been invited to the next event in Pacasmayo, Peru.

Pacasmayo is in a remote desert region of Peru. It’s far from the throngs of tourists in Machu Picchu and Lima. It’s a cool, dry seaside town with traditional fishermen, cactus, charming plazas, a colonial boardwalk, and timeless ancient ruins in the distance.

We heard rumblings of a fabled wave. The town claims to have the longest sailable wave in the world! Ocean currents in the Pacific travel over underwater sand dunes and polished pebbles to form what is, in fact, a perfect kilometer-long wave!

We surfed, windsurfed, and practiced SUP everyday for 3 weeks. We shared the bay with marine life such as sea lions, sea birds, and stingrays. Among the desert cliffs and rustic South American coastline, we trained for what would be an epic event.

Shortly after arrival, we started to meet people from around the world who would be competing in the tournament with us.

We met windsurfers from Japan, Israel, Peru, France, Guadalupe, Australia, Switzerland, Russia, Denmark, Argentina, Canada, Belgium, Gran Canaria, New Caledonia, Chile, Hawaii, Cyprus, England, Germany, and Brazil.

During our stay, conditions ranged from light wind to moderate (8 – 19 knots) and waves ranging from 3 feet to more than mast-high. The light wind and port-tack sailing were part of the challenge of this tournament.

The windsurf community was kind and open. It was a cultural exchange, as well as an opportunity to learn how to sail better. Each morning we shared breakfast together. Many tournament participants reconnected while others met for the first time.

At the commencement of the event, we were invited to the beach for an opening ceremony. We proudly held our sails at sunset. The event organizers performed a ceremony. Several participants rowed an outrigger canoe, while the master of ceremony blew a ceremonial horn. We watched until the sunset turned a vibrant red on the western horizon. It was the beginning of an experience that will never be forgotten.

PWA IWT Wave Tour – Pro Men’s Results

Antoine Martin1
Marcilio Browne2
Federico Morisio3
24 competitors

PWA IWT Wave Tour – Pro Women’s Results

Jessica Crisp1
Pauline Katz2
Sol Degrieck3
11 competitors

PWA IWT Wave Tour – Men Open Results

Felix Bermudez1
Octavio Cavalaro2
Charlie Rovira3
13 competitors

PWA IWT Wave Tour – Master’s Division Results

Arnaud Frennet1
Adrian Levy2
Nelson Perez3
8 competitors

Watch Part of the Pro-Men and Pro-Women Competition during the 2023 Pacasmayo Classic.

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El-Faro-Resort-PacasmayoSpecial Thanks to the staff at El Faro Resort for producing the event!

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