Summer Wind Fest

Join us this Spring Break for a watersports event. Invite your group to experience several water challenges in a teambuilding day. Get out of the office, and get into the sun. More details coming soon.


Departments of Employees, Company Outings, and Association Groups are all welcome


Join us for a fun day in the sun, where teams are challenged to try beach activities and survive or get soaked. Teambuilding, catering, and resort day pass included.


We’re in the process of site selection for a major resort in Puerto Rico


Friday, July 16, 2022


Because eveyone needs to lighten up some times. Because companies need to share in the wealth and prosperity with their employees so they can stay motivated, loyal, and dedicated to their jobs. We’re planning this Company Outing Special Event to break the monotony of daily life, and experience the extraordinary.

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