The Puerto Rico Windsurf Team travelled to North Carolina to compete in OBX Wind.

Athletes from around the world came together for an awesome week of sailing. The event was produced by Ocean Air Sports and the U.S. Windsurfing Association.

Find out how the team did, what it’s like sailing in Hatteras, and what happened during the event in this insider recap.

The Outer Banks of NC

Large sand dunes form the Outer Banks and enclose the Pamilco Sound. This unusual inlet has shallow waters and a sandy bottom. Sailors can navigate several miles into the sound, and still find the water to be less than 3 feet deep.

The coastline of North Carolina sticks out from the North American continent into the Atlantic Ocean. This unique land formation exposes the coastline to strong tradewinds and powerful gulfstream currents. Rapidly rising air from the Pamilco Sound and the ocean create strong drafts of wind, and ideal windsurfing conditions.

The Pamilco Sound is a relatively safe place to sail. However, oysters buried in the sand can be razor sharp. Water shoes and caution are recommended.

The Puerto Rico Team Arrives to OBX and Starts Training

The day before the event wind conditions ranged from 25 to 30 knots with peak gusts of 40 knots. Temperatures we’re around 65 degrees farenheit, and there was heavy rain in the morning. Despite the extreme conditions, the team was enthusiastic to practice for the races.

Long Distance Races

The first race was the long distance. Wind conditions had deteriorated on the second day to approximately 8 knots of wind. However, race organizers held two additional races later in the week when conditions we’re consistently 25 – 28 knots. Check out the results below.

Men’s Open

NameClassRace #1Race #2Race #3
Nelson PerezM Open434130
Luis SantiagoM Open305751
78 racers in the Long Distance: Men’s Open class

Men’s 6.5 LT

NameClassRace #1Race #2Race #3
Benjamin PerezM 6.5 & Junior211412
36 racers in the Long Distance Men’s 6.5 LTD class

Women’s Open

NameClassRace #1Race #2Race #3
Kaelyn Deas HolmesW 6.0 & Juniors333
Irene KravitzW 6.06
10 racers in the Long Distance: Women’s Open class

The long distance race challenges athletes on a course of 12 miles. Over the week we had (3) long distance races. We also had a day of light wind races on an diamond-shaped course. The results from the light wind races are below.

Light Wind Races

NameSail #LD CategoryRace #1Race #2Race #3Race #4
Luis Santiago#108Men Open15191922
Kaelyn Deas Holmes#59Juniors16252328
Nelson Perez#99Men Open28302924
Benjamin Perez#100Juniors22422443
Irene Kravitz#65Women47474249
51 Racers

Slalom Race

RacerSailRace #1Race #2Race #3
Nelson Perez#99151412
Kaelyn Deas Holmes#59161715
18 racers in this Slalom Race
RacerSailRace #1Race #2Race #3
Luis Santiago#1081188
Benjamin Perez#100231513
23 racers in this Slalom Race