Fomentando la Amistad y Salud con Deportes Acúaticos en Puerto Rico.

Gracias a todos que participaron en Wind Warrior IV

“Wind Warriors IV Puerto Rico” Celebrated the National Championship Event 2/25 – 26/2023.

35 athletes gathered in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico for the 4th edition of “Wind Warriors” Wave Sailing Tournament. 

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Festival de Playa en Carolina, PR
Recordamos la Festival de Playa
Speed Racer en Puntas Las Marias, PR
Vivimos de nuevo la Adrenalina de Speed Racer
Ceremonia de Premiación de Wind Warriors II

En Camino a las Olimpiadas

Whats New in Olympic Windsurfing in Puerto Rico

Ricardo Bonilla
FWPR Team Rider Ricardo Bonilla consistently ranked for Wind Warriors and Slalom Events demonstrates mastery in Windsurf.
Bulgarian Athlete Niko Spassov rips the Wind Warrior Expression Session with big crowd pleasing sprays
FWPR Team Rider Luis Santiago is leading the charge with IQ Foil in Puerto Rico

What do we have planned for 2023?

The focus of our Sports Club post-pandemic continues to be multi-media content creation, and supporting a new Olympic class of IQ Foil. This year we’re sending athletes abroad to compete in regional competitions in both the U.S. and Latin America. We’re bringing back Wind Warriors Wave Sailing Tournament for a 4th action-packed event, and planning two fun summer activities. We hope to invite all the members for an end of the year activity to watch all the fantastic media from our local events, and to stream finale of the international Windsurf tour.

The core values of our sports club remains the same, connecting friends around the sports we love and supporting healthy lifestyles!

-Irene Kravitz, Community Manager

No pierdes toda la accion planificado para este año.

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